/r/Europe's 2013 Survey Results

written 2014-10-12


Every year, the moderators of the European subreddit /r/europe meet high atop a mountain with lightning and evil music, their very own Berlaymont, to hatch a scheme to learn as much as they can about their users. This scheme usually comes in the form of a survey. During the last 2 weeks of 2013, and the first week or so of 2014, such a survey was held.

Naturally, once the moderators ran out of evil music, they released the survey data for everyone to play around with. Over 1800 users from all across Europe participated! User-made maps began springing up everywhere, some of them even making the news!.

However, for the average Joe, much of these insights were, and still remain locked away. Until now, that is!

Below is a tool that allows you to combine questions from the survey, and display them on a heat-map of Europe. If you hover over a country you’ll get the result for that country. Enjoy!

Europe Explorer

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Things learned

A lot of this was also an exercise in manually doing all of this without the help of a mapping library, of which there are tonnes. The next time I do this, I’ll definitely be using one. For now, if you encounter any bugs, let me know.

Till the next survey!